Welcome GuideSalesforce Partner Marketing Center

We are excited to welcome you to our marketing center! This simple welcome guide will help you to get started as fast as possible. Ready to accelerate demand for your Salesforce business? Follow these five simple steps now.

Step 1 - Login

After you have registered and we sent you your welcome email, you can begin using the Partner Demand Center.
Login here

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Step 2 - Introduce yourself to the Partner Demand Center (PDC)

The PDC is the program's homepage. Salesforce updates it frequently and it includes useful information on new campaigns and marketing activities.

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Step 3 - Setup your account

Assets in the Demand center are designed to be co-branded with your information. To better do that you will need to update your company information at this phase.

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Step 4 - Upload your mailing list

If you plan on executing marketing assets from the platform you first need to upload your customer and prospect list. The import process takes a few moments and includes a step by step tutorial/wizard. As a reminder, all of your data is secured and not shared with us - read our privacy policy for more information.

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Step 5 - Choose pre-made campaigns from your vendors and start customizing

After you have setup your account and uploaded your mailing list you can begin marketing to your customers and prospects. Simply choose any campaign from our large library and send it to your customers with your logo and information.

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Learn how to measure the success of your campaigns

Lead Management

View and update leads

Converting leads to opportunities

Manually Creating Leads

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